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NEW - V2 Rex Specs Dog Goggles

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Rex Specs has redesigned and optimized their K9 design the working dog. They are used by personal protection dog trainers, United States Defense departments, hunters and in many other working K9 applications. Rex Specs have received the mark approval from several K9 professionals for their effectiveness in many different situations.

  • The large spherical lens design allows for a full range of view, eliminating the potential for any distractions or obstruction during wear.
  • The soft foam edge fits snuggly on the face of the dog, protecting them from dust and debris.
  • The low profile fully adjustable strap allows a custom fit on each dog, and easily integrates with other products and harnesses.
  • These goggles fit securely throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.
Puncture and trauma can be prevented with regular use of Rex Specs dog goggles. Hunting and field trial dogs often suffer from punctures and corneal lacerations from grasses and sticks. Training your dog to wear Rex Specs during these activities can prevent these incidents and make sure that your dog stays in the game with you as long as possible.

Remove the Lens: Try the goggles without the lens a few times before introducing the lens. This allows the dog to get used to the frame on their face before making them look through the lens. Transition from no lens to the clear lens.
Timing: Have your dog wear the goggles in a comfortable place; around the house while they are tired, sleeping or eating. If your dog is leash trained, introduce the goggles while they are on the leash when their attempts to remove the goggles can be quickly corrected.
Positive Association: Positive reinforcement - make it fun! Put them on for short periods of time before breakfast, dinner, treats, or their favorite activities.

Size -
Medium (Fits most dogs from 20 to 40 lbs)
Large (Fits most dogs from 40 to 85 lbs)
X-Large (Fits most dogs over 80 lbs)
Check the size guide photo above for exact head and muzzle measurements.

Color - Black or Blaze Orange

The goggles come with a clear and a smoke lens.
Additional lens can be purchased separately.


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