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Dave Rorem
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Dave Rorem - Video 2 of 1
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Dave Rorem - Video 2 of 1

Dave Rorem - The Art & Science of Handling Retrievers

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Product Code: DR01
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This 2 DVD set plus book is NOT another training program. It is designed to make you a better handler in field trials and hunt tests and increase your success rate in competition.

Topics Covered -

Session 1: The Science of Handling Retrievers

Verbal Cues
Other Verbal Cues
Non-Verbal Cues
Casting and Handler Awareness
No-Hands Cast
Momentum Cast
Influences on Line
Handling Attire
Session 2: The Dynamics of the Holding Blind
Session 3: Elements of the Mat

Handler Dynamics and the Mat
Details on Line Preference
Communication is Teamwork
Push and Pull
The Influence of Adrenalin
Analyzing Tests and Applying Results
Reactive and Proactive Handling
Session 4: Handler Responsibilities
Dogs and Temperature Extremes
Challenging the Test- Or Not
Casting Form
Overall Handler Success
Session 5: The Art of Handling Retrievers
More Looks at Casting
Dealing with Factors
Wind Effects, Water Effects, Cover Effects, Terrain Effects and Lighting Effects
Literal Casts and Momentum Influence
Momentum and Blinds
A Bad Blind
Session 6: Thoughts on Selection
Conclusion: Fundamentals for Success


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