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Remote Release stand

Attachable / Mounted Remote Receiver Stand

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Product Code: 38-110
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This stand is an upgrade option for your Versa-Launch. It allows your Electronic Receiver to be “attached” to the Versa-Launch base.

**** Please note - The Remote Release Receiver stand is now included in the Versa Launcher Base kits.

DISCLAIMER: This stand allows your electronic release receiver to mount directly to the base of the Versa-Launch. The stand has been designed to isolate the release receiver from vibration caused from the firing of the Versa-Launch. Extensive and prolonged testing of the stand has proven that there are no adverse effects caused to any of the release receivers tested when the receiver is properly mounted in this stand and the stand properly mounted on the base of the Versa-Launch. Due to a number of factors involved (age, condition, misuse, quality of components, operator error) Specialty Products Co. will not be liable for any suspected or actual damage to any third party release receiver that is mounted with this stand and used with the Versa-Launch.


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